Technical writer & content strategist


About me

I'm Will Kelly. I got my start as a technical writer in the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area.  As many college English majors do, I went to school to become a journalist (Woodward & Bernstein were my childhood heroes). I discovered a love of technology while working in my college computer lab that led me to become a technical writer. 

Currently, I work as a technical writer in the Digital Consulting Group of a large government contractor where I focus on thought leadership content.

My technical writing career includes full-time and contract positions with commercial firms and federal contractors in the Washington, DC area. It has been years since I've worked inside a documentation group. Along the way, I've helped companies tackle their first major documentation efforts. I've also been the first technical writer on board in an organization more than once.

Once when I wasn't satisfied with the reviewer comments I was getting back on my documents, I became a computer book technical reviewer for books about Microsoft Office and web development It was one of the more formative jobs I've ever had and helped me develop into a constructive reviewer with comments that can stand on their own.

I've written bylined articles about the Cloud, the Consumerization of IT, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and Enterprise Mobility. Previous writing assignments have also stoked my interests in online collaboration platforms, mobile business intelligence (BI), and big data.

Do you have more questions about my background or experience? Check out my LinkedIn profile and writing samples. I'm an email away!