Technical writer & content strategist



Photo by  Fabian Grohs  on  Unsplash

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash



Right now, I run on SquareSpace. My goal is to migrate it back to Drupal at some point.

Writing tools

My day job requires me to use Microsoft Word and I submit the articles I write in Word.  However, my personal writing is a different story because I routinely switch between word processors. Dropbox Paper remains a go-to writing app for me yet I’m using Google Docs right now for some personal writing projects.

Work management

I manage my writing projects such as freelance article using Todoist. Over time, I’ve crafted editorial checklists that I continue to iterate upon as I believe composing processes need proper care and feeding by writers over time.

When I was still a contract technical writer, I used Asana to manage client projects and I still use it to manage some personal projects.

Collaboration tools

Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft SharePoint are my collaboration platforms of choice.

Mobile apps

The Todoist iOS app reminds me of things I need to do throughout the day and especially when I’m writing articles. Fantastical keeps my calendar. I use 1Password to store my password because I can sync it across my iPhone, iPads, and Macs. I removed the Facebook app off my iPhone years ago and could never be happier.