Technical writer & content strategist


Colophon of my writing life


Right now, I run on SquareSpace. My goal is to migrate it back to Drupal at some point.

Writing tools

My day job requires me to use Microsoft Word . I also use it to submit freelance articles I write.  However, my personal writing is a different story because I routinely switch between word processors. Dropbox Paper remains a go-to writing app for me. Yet I’m using Google Docs right now for some personal writing projects.

Work management

I manage my writing projects such as freelance articles using Todoist. Over time, I’ve crafted editorial checklists that I continue to iterate upon as I believe composing processes need proper care and feeding by writers over time.

When I was still a contract technical writer, I used Asana to manage client projects and I still use it to manage some personal projects.


I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to creating presentations so I use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Collaboration tools

Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft SharePoint are my collaboration platforms of choice.

Mobile apps

The Todoist iOS app reminds me of things I need to do throughout the day and especially when I’m writing articles. Fantastical keeps my calendar. I use 1Password to store my password because I can sync it across my iPhone, iPads, and Macs. I removed the Facebook app off my iPhone years ago and could never be happier.