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Personal Projects

Personal projects

 Image by Thomas Lebfevre via Unsplash

Image by Thomas Lebfevre via Unsplash

I bought an Amazon Echo last year and discovered a new hobby in smart home projects. While I've written about the Internet of Things (IoT) in the past, I embarked on some smart home projects including enabling smart lights in the main rooms of my house and installing a smart thermostat.

My personal blog has become a casualty to billable projects for the previous few years, but I try to find the time to revise and update some of my old posts and republish them to Medium. I went one step further to create a Medium publication to archive some of my enterprise mobility posts from the late great Mobility Hub blog.

I've also published some original and old Mobility Hub posts on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform over times. While I've found many professional benefits from LinkedIn over the years but I've had a hot and cold relationship with their publishing platform for a range of reasons.

I'm back to tinkering with Drupal and Joomla again. Whether or not, I move back to an open source content management system (CMS) remains to be seen.