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Personal Projects

Personal projects

I’m a believer in always learning so I usually have some personal projects running behind the scenes.

As of September 2018, here are some of my current and recent personal projects:

  • Spending my own time learning more about AWS as it occupies a growing part of my professional career these days.
  • Reviving my personal blog at where I’ve been taking time over the past year to revise and update some of my blog posts that date back to 2012. This project has given me a chance to update my current thinking about technical writing as a profession and collaboration tools in the corporate world.
  • Writing my own LinkedIn articles as an exercise to sum up my positions about project collaboration, SharePoint, knowledge management, and related topics.
  • Experimenting more with minimalist word processors such as DropBox Paper and Quip after being all in for Microsoft Word for most of my career.
  • Reading widely about such subjects as content marketing, Cold War history, TV history, and Blockchain this past summer. I also read Anthony Bourdain’s books when I was on vacation this summer.