Technical writer & content strategist

Tools of my trade

Tools of my trade


I’m a Microsoft SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence power user. My experience comes from making both platforms work for project teams. I’m a proponent of departments and project teams having full control over their collaboration platforms.

My SharePoint experience includes setting up and administering team sites and wikis to support collaboration, knowledge management, and collaboration.

 I came to Atlassian Confluence with years of SharePoint experience. I’ve worked with development teams to set up and customize Confluence and its templates for creating project documentation, capturing project knowledge, and collaboration. 

Office suites

While it’s true there should be no need for Microsoft Office to show up on the resume of a technical writer or another knowledge worker, I have experience in Office troubleshooting including templates and macros.  When I was a contract technical writer, it fell to me more than once to introduce new Microsoft Office features into the workflows of my project team.

When it comes to G Suite, I’ve used it to collaborate with publication editors and clients around the world. It powers my professional email and runs behind this site.


I’ve done things such as introducing Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, and screencast tools into organizations. Having worked as a solo technical writer for much of my career, I’ve had to manage my personal applications, so I get maximum productivity.

Project management

I once had to learn Microsoft Project since nobody else on the team wanted to touch it. Over time, I built upon that one experience to later write about Microsoft Project and various project management topics for technology publications and blogs. There’s still a PMP certification out there in my future.

Having long been a proponent of the democratization of project management, I’m an advocate for Trello, Asana, and now Microsoft Planner. These tools open project management to the entire team, not just the team lead or project manager. They push team communications and collaboration outside the email inbox.